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2011 My Press Release

2011 Abusive Father Says - Comments about Mediator Mary Sean O'Reilly and Attorney Merri Nichols. 

2008 Dad's I-Touch

2007 Child Abuse / Medical Records This is the medical record of when my Dad was in a rage, grabbed my wrist, then pulled and twisted my arm behind my back. There was swelling. At first I was too embarrassed to tell the doctor what happened because he was not our regular doctor so I told him I fell off my bike. But because he could tell from the injury that my wrist and shoulder had been "pulled", he looked at me funny, so I told him the truth. I also told him the police came.  

2006 My Email To My Mom Now that I'm an adult and I read this email I sent to my Mom, four days before my 14th birthday, I'm mostly shocked at my Dad's parental skills: 
Here is a 13-year-old, talking back at her Dad at dinner, and what does he do? "He stood up out of his seat, grabbed my plate, and threw it on the kitchen counter then yelled really loud..." Now, to me, that's how a 2-year-old behaves. Not a father! Way to go Dad! And what an example for Sebastien and Chloe who are watching! And let's not forget: Today he is saying that the reason we don't want to be with him is because Mom is brainwashing us!   

2004 Selected Entries from My "Writer's Note Book" when I was attending Lanier Middle School to give you a taste of what it was like growing up in fear because your own Dad is always yelling & screaming, cursing, throwing random anger fits, bringing women home, and never taking responsibility for his behavior. Still today, he refuses to acknowledge that any of these things ever happened!
Description (The assignment was to write a description of something. Some students described their dog or a game. I described my Dad's Anger Problem!);
Dad Curses a lot!
He Has Uncontrollable Anger
My Dog Eddie
My Mom
(Yes, my mom is weird. She eats Tostidos with Apple Sauce! She puts a slice of swiss cheese on toast then covers the whole thing with strawberry jam!);
Newspaper Article
What Goes Around Comes Around! 
(This last story is a must read.)  

2001 My Letter To Kevin And Judge

2001 Kevin Buras (Attorney Ad Litem) And Me: Transcript Of A Phone Conversation

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