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12/13/2010 An Email I Wrote To My Dad

2009 Christmas Letter  (what I actually wrote and sent my Dad) Our Dad always asks us to write something to put in his Christmas letters to show his family and friends what a wonderful time we have with him. Usually we just focus on the positive, so Dad publishes what we write. This year, I decided to add a sentence that would give readers a hint of the negative but as you can see from what I wrote and what Dad actually published, Dad took out the negative. Here is what actually happened on that trip to Mexico. It pretty much ruined the trip for me.  As you can see from this Christmas letter, Dad and I took a trip to Mexico. We had a great time during the day. What Dad doesn't tell you in the letter though is that while we were there I had to put up with his mistress Marisol. Dad rented a hotel room with two Queen beds in it. So I figured, ok, Dad and I will sleep in one bed and Marisol will sleep in the other bed. But no, Dad slept in one of the beds with his girlfriend MariSol while I slept in the other bed right next to them. It was not only awkward but it was DISGUSTING!
They were giggling and I had to hear all the noises couples make when they are in bed
together! 2009 Christmas Web Page (what my Dad actually published for friends and family)

2001 - Dear Your Honor In 2001, Kevin Buras -attorney ad litem- asked me to write him a letter. As you can see I did. Today, I still can't believe, Kevin Buras didn't do anything to help us. Any person with normal intelligence can see from this letter that I was being abused by my father! 

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