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Kristina's Page

Kristina's deposition is long. Therefore here are the main points of the deposition (click on links for extracted pages):

Physical Abuse: Mike Lutomski abuses Kristina: 

p. 31 line 13 thru p.33 line 17 

Date Rape: Mike Lutomski Rapes Kristina: 

p. 33 line 18 thru p. 34 line 10 

Sebastien tells Kristina about his Dad’s cheating: 

P.7 line 12 thru line 18

Alexandra “Alex” (Caroline Mayes’ s Mom) and Mike Lutomski, having an affair and drinking beer while chaperoning Sebastien’s 5th grade school trip to Big Bend National Park: 

P.7 line 22 thru p.10 line 23 and p.24 line 3 thru p.33 line 17;  H.I.S.D. should especially read the following lines: p.24 line 24 thru p. 27 line 8

Mike Lutomski’s girlfriends were primarily taking care of the children on all those beautiful trips Mike Lutomski describes in his Christmas letters: 

p.11 line 8 thru p.12 line 10

Mike Lutomski had a habit of "berating, belittling, and humiliating" Sebastien: 

p. 15 line 16 thru p.18 line 3

Mike Lutomski had a habit of "teasing, humiliating, or getting angry at the girls when dealing with conflict": 

p. 12 line 12 thru p.15 line 15 

Physical Abuse Tatiana: 

p. 18 line 18 thru p. 24 line 2

Michael Lutomski calls anyone “crazy” who confronts him on his behavior. Not just his ex-wife! 

p. 28 line 10 thru p. 29 line 7 and p. 36 line 22 thru line 24
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