Please Judge, No !
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Chloe's Page

2010 I wrote this for Judge Sheri Dean: Reason's I don't want to be with my Dad; I wrote this for the Judge because the attorneys said it was likely that I would be interviewed by the judge in her chambers. And knowing I am shy I thought I'd have my list of things that I wanted to tell the judge with me in case I became nervous. But unfortunately, I found out that Judge Sheri Dean didn't want to hear what I had to say, and instead she appointed Sharon Gerber who is a social worker, to talk to us instead. Sharon Gerber turned out to be a mean person with a hideousness about her that reminded my brother Sebastien of Mrs. Dolores Umbridge in Harry Potter. Sebastien and I nicked-named Ms. Gerber "Ms. Umbridge". After each session with her I was crying. After one of the sessions Sebastien had a panic-like attack. 

2010 My Email to Dad In November Dad threw a huge anger fit that scared the hell out of me. As he was about to grab me, I ran away from his house. I was crying and running as fast as I could down the streets. While I ran, I called Mom. She came to pick me up. That day I decided I was done with Dad. I wasn't going to take any more abuse. I told Dad several times that I wasn't going on his weekends anymore. Instead of taking responsibility for his behavior, he would come to my school and harass me or text me and when I continuously refused to go with him he would say I was being brainwashed by Mom! So I wrote him this email. At first, I didn't hear from him, so I thought, wow he got the message ! But I knew he was up to something. And sure enough. One day, my Mom and I are driving and some weird guy jumps at our window in the middle of the street serving my Mom with some papers from my Dad. In those papers, my Dad is blaming my Mom for not having visitation with us kids! Can you believe this! My Dad knows that we -Sebastien and I- refuse to go to his house because he is inappropriate, abusive, throws anger fits, has uncontrollable rages, etc. then he turns around goes to court and blames Mom! Wow!

2010 Christmas Letter (what I sent my Dad); 2010 Christmas Web Page (what my Dad actually published for friends and family)
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