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Affectionately known as the "PETA" woman for battered mothers and children, Gaetane Pauwels has been fighting her personal battle against domestic violence for over 20 years. 


Despite ongoing abuse documented by doctors, pediatricians, police visits to her home, letters from CPS, witnesses, and reports from her own children, the courts continuously gave her family's perpetrator visitation rights and joint custody. Some relief came in August 2011 when a court-appointed social worker finally recommended supervised-visitations for their perpetrator and when council demanded to see his on-the-job employee file. Suddenly, the highly-paid NASA engineer did an about-face and relinquished his visitation rights—after a conniving, relentless pursuit to maintain them at all costs. Gaetane surmises that supervised-visits were just too embarrassing for this perpetrator's ego and that his pattern of brutal, sexist behavior was on the brink of being exposed. For the first time since they met, it was his turn to run scared. 

The Texas Family Code 153.004 was never applied in this case even though credible evidence was presented to the court showing a history and pattern of past and present child neglect, emotional & physical abuse to both the children and their mother.  

The harrowing betrayals by Child Protection Services, Texas Family Court, guardians ad litem, attorneys/mediators, social workers/psychologists, and “other helpful experts” left Gaetane and her three children with serious scars. Simultaneously, the forty-nine year-old single mom was now much savvier to the manipulations of the system she naively (and rightly so) believed was designed to ensure her children’s safety. Armed with her blood-curling true stories from her journal, wisdom gained in the trenches, and her need to gain back the power inherent to the feminine, nurturing identity, Gaetane started a blog. She stoke immense enthusiasm amongst her readers, such as myself, and has since gained a huge following of fans who support her vision of reform. I started this advocacy website because I firmly believe that together we can make a change.  


The power of is in its ability to motivate. It's content is based on facts and evidence only. It will move you to question the sanity of mediators, judges and psychologists who repeatedly place children in the custody of their abuser. It will move you to learn about bogus court and police procedures and their roles in your community and your pocketbook. But most of all it will alert you to the perils and injustices of the Family Court System and its failure to uphold the decency of life. is an interactive, web-based, data portal calling parents, educators, media, philanthropic partners, organizations, policymakers, elected officials - and everyone who cares about children, child abuse, domestic violence, the flawed court system, and the numerous impaired organizations in this system to take action now and reform the necessary laws within the current system to guarantee the right to happiness and freedom of abuse for every mother and child. 


To Sign Tatiana's PETITION to Stop Court-Ordered Domestic Violence click here

Please join us, with this author, writer, and domestic violence expert to help other battered mothers who have been forced to place their children in the harmful arms of the very person who is abusing them.

My name is Laura. Join the community! 

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